Carpentry Rates

Like you, many clients do not need the middle-men and do not want to pay the middle-men if they can help it. However, with so many imposters around, few people actually know what real direct workshop carpentry rates really are. With our carpentry price guide, we are here to help.


We are the first carpentry workshop in Singapore to publish a definitive carpentry price guide online in 2011.

As one of Singapore's largest residential local-based carpenters, we are able to pass on economies of scale savings to you.

Without the interior designers, architects and builders middlemen markup, you will find working directly with JS Carpentry & Contracts a very smart thing to do, especially if you need a lot of carpentry works done. 

However, this does not mean we are the cheapest. We are not. One can always hire cheaper labor, cut corners and scrimp on materials to always offer lower rates. And we won't go down that route.

For the standards that we demand for ourselves and specifications that are truly decent, we believe our rates represents the a good starting point for the most common of carpentry works.

On average, if you compare our rates with an interior designer who engages an equally qualified carpenter, you should save somewhere between 20-30% on carpentry alone.

Working with JS Carpentry & Contracts to take advantage of our direct workshop rates is easy. All we require from you is simply your requirements and some reference photos or sketches. You do not need to worry about construction drawings because we can settle that for you. 


JS Carpentry & Contracts Standard Carpentry Price Guide

Based on 2500mm full height. Simple modern designs and standard specifications finishes.

Shoe Cabinet
Shoe cabinet half height : From $140 pfr.
Shoe cabinet full height : From $240 pfr

Feature Wall and Wall Panelling
Feature wall : From $25 psf.
Wall panelling with concealed door : From $30 psf.

TV console with drawers : From $130 pfr.

Kitchen top unit : From $120 pfr.
Kitchen bottom unit : From $130 pfr.
Kitchen tall unit : From $320 pfr.

Wardrobe with swing doors : From $250 pfr.
Wardrobe with sliding doors : From $270 pfr.
Wardrobe with alu-sliding doors : From $300 pfr.

Single/Super-Single size bedbox : From $650 each
Queen size bedbox : From $750 each
King size bedbox : From $850 each

Storage Platforms
Platform with storage : From $35 psf.

Surface Tops
Bay window surface top : From $50 pfr.

Study Tables and Storage
Full height storage : From $250 pfr.
Study table with drawers. From $130 pfr.

General Storage
Half height storage : From $140 pfr.
Full height storage : From $250 pfr.

Prices includes delivery and installation. A delivery surcharge may apply for project orders below a certain minimum.

Half height is up to 1000mm.

pfr is an acronym for per foot run.
psf is an acronym for per square foot.
1 meter is about 3.3 feet
1 square meter is about 10.76 square feet

Blum, Häfele and other branded hardwares are sold separately.


Standard Rates Specifications

JS Carpentry & Contracts defines full height as 2500mm,  which is the most common HDB flat height measured from the finished floor to the ceiling. Anything higher will have a height surcharge.

For our pricing guide, we assume that the design of the carpentry is simple. Of course you can have variations such as shaker style doors, glass fronted panels, doorless sections, stainless steel inlays, or built-in recessed LED channels with plastic covers, but these options will add to our costs, and therefore the rates.

The carpentry pricing guide base rates specify, generally, the use of white internal PVC 5-ply 15mm plywood for the carcass, white internal PVC 18mm blockboard for the doors, machine pressed ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) edging for doors and standard laminates for the external faces of the carpentry.

We define standard laminates as laminates that costs less than SGD60 listed per sheet, which measures 2440mm x 1220mm, regardless of the brand, as long as it is available locally in Singapore.

This laminate price point covers more than 90% of laminates available in the market. Those laminates that exceeds this price points are usually special laminates like Pure/Nude Core laminates, metallic laminates and laminates made with nanotechnology. These laminates may cost upwards of SGD250 per sheet.

You can choose to use non-standard laminates and you are also free to choose other options for your finishes. For the expensive laminates, we will require you to simply top for the expensive laminates used. For other finishes such as veneer finishes, PU spray finishes, acrylic finishes, painted finishes etc, please check with us with your designs for a quote.

For hardware, our base standard specifies the use of generic soft-closing hinges and full extension black drawer runners. 


Others Factors that Affect Price

Our Standard Carpentry Price Guide is a great guide to give an indication of how much your carpentry would cost if you engage carpenters directly and if you have simple designs for a space with a height of less than 2500mm. 

There are other factors that will affect the price other than height, choice of materials and design. 

Some of these factors include: non-standard dimensions, projects that are too small, site conditions that are special, locations that are not freely accessible, finishes and materials that are non-standard, the use of plywood alternatives, and the use of branded or special hardware and accessories.

No price guide is able to cover every conceivable carpentry design or site situation, so don't hesitate to contact us with your details and requirements if you need to be sure. JS Carpentry & Contracts will strive to provide you the best price we can.

Go direct with us and save money.

We build customized built-in carpentry and provide full renovation services. We are a BCA and HDB registered renovation contractor. For a hassle-free renovation experience without an Interior Designer, go direct with JS Carpentry & Contracts.